Gredos Ibex

Located north-west from Madrid between the provinces of Ávila and Cáceres.
It is the darkest in color and has the largest horns. Typically, the shape of this ibex is a lyre-shaped horns with a pronounced curvature and a spiral turn. In the rut time and in the spring, is when we get more opportunities to find old lonely males or big groups of Ibex. 

Beceite Ibex

Located between Castellón and Tarragona, being the heart of this subspecies “Tortosa-Beceite” in the province of Teruel. 

It is known as the “airplane Ibex” because of the shape of his long and wide open horns.

Southeastern Ibex

Mostly located in the province of Granada on the southern coast of Spain.

It has a smaller body and lighter color than the Gredos and Beceite types. Usually the horns grow backwards forming a circle with the tips growing towards the neck

Ronda Ibex

It is the smallest of the four, located in the south coast of Spain in the provinces of Málaga and Cádiz. 

The shape of the horns is like a V-Shape growing upward and on the tip of the horns turns backwards with a spiral turn.