"We are passionate about what we do".

Iberian Hunters was born from a dream, our main goal is to create and share unique experiences with hunters from all over the world.
We use our hunting knowledge, organizational and management skills to offer unforgettable moments for hunters.
Our base is Spain, where we have our own private hunting areas and organize most of our outings, but we also organize hunts all over the world, highlighting our concessions in South Africa and Argentina. 

Luis Ruiz Del Olmo

A lover of hunting and everything that is linked to it.

“I am a hunter since I can remember, thanks to a father who taught me the pleasures of this conservation activity that began as my greatest hobby and today is my profession”

We put all our knowledge at your service to organize your custom hunt.


Eduardo Ruiz Del Olmo (1956-2007) Thanks to my father, I’m here today. He taught me everything about wildlife, conservation and ethical hunting since I was five years old.

He passed away when I was fourteen, and then I lost not only my dad, but also my hunting partner. 

I didn´t have any friends at school who shared this same feeling for wildlife like I do. So it was probably at that moment when the idea of dedicating my life to wildlife was born on my head.

Why this logo? It’s not just a Logo, it’s a Story!.

When my older sister was studying in Ireland in 2002, my dad used to write her letters with some drawings. In one of these letters he explained our weekend hunting:

“There was a full moon and we decided to go for a ride with the 4×4. We were going with Jaime and his two sons talking about hunting and the deer we had seen that afternoon, when suddenly, a huge wild boar jumped a few meters from the car, we could all see it very well, except Luis who was, of course! Looking at the beautiful moon that we had that night.”